About our project

The Nordliebe quilts are the first project of our group. Who we are? You’ll find out at the end of this page. As true northerners at heart, it was absolutely clear to us that our first project should show our commonality – we live in northern Germany, we love water, wind and an arrow-quick “Moin Moin”!
Using a set grid, we each turned our version of the theme into a 23½ x 33½ inch quilt. We all find it fascinating how differently the “love of the North” has been realised in the quilts.

  • Subject: Nordliebe
  • Project duration: July 2021 – April 2022
  • Quilt Size: 23½ x 33½ inches

Our “Northern Love” Quilts

Sibylle Gorgis Nordliebe

SCHIETWEDDER (bad weather)
by Sibylle Gorgis

“Gloomy November days, storms and rain, that’s part of the north for me, but also colourful umbrellas and a steaming mug of tea to warm up after every long wet-cold walk. I picked this up as inspiration in my quilt “Schietwedder” and this is how I love the north.”

by Christel Hansen

“The ten Halligen in the North Sea are fascinating and unique in the whole world. They serve coastal and species protection and are partly part of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. And although they flood several times a year, nearly 300 people live on them – including, in the past, part of my family, whose house I depicted in my quilt “Halligwelten”! At irregular intervals, I still like to spend a few days of peace and quiet on one of the wonderful Halligen.”

Christel Hansen Nordliebe
Claudia Itzwerth Nordliebe

by Claudia Itzwerth

“Schleswig-Holstein is the land of horizons, wind and water. You can see far across the country and the coast is close everywhere. I have implemented this in my quilt “Horizons” using improvised curves and a wave-like free motion quilting. For this, I based each block on a different inspiration photo from different seasons.”

by Dr. Brigitte Muntermann

“Although I am not a native Northerner, my love of the landscape and architecture of the North has accompanied me for a long time. The view of the third largest container terminal in Europe, which you have just before entering the Elbe tunnel, inspired me to make my quilt “worldwide”. Containers in their concise form and the goods transported in them connect us worldwide. The basic idea of my quilt design is to look at containers from different distances.”

Dr. Brigitte Muntermann Nordliebe
Birgit Sowada Nordliebe

by Birgit Sowada

“In his sailor’s yarn, the sailor tells of huge waves he has sailed his ship up, of big fish, lighthouses and anchoring in the distance. But also of his love for his homeland. The ship and the fish are patterns by Ingrid Alteneder @joejuneandmae, the wave is my design of a twisted log cabin. The MoinMoin is a self-designed pattern. My quilt “Seemannsgarn” has the colours of Schleswig-Holstein, because that is where I am at home.”

We are the NordQuilters

Through word-of-mouth we found each other as members of the Patchwork Guild Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein Region. Every region shapes the people who live there – that’s why we as true northerners, although we are of different ages and come from different professions and families, have a lot in common, not only through our wonderful hobby. We know that a quick “Moin, moin” is not only used to greet people in the morning, we have a special idea of coastal wind and feel a closeness to the water wherever we are. True northerners are cosmopolitan, but don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. We always have one foot in Hamburg or on the Elbe and fish and Franzbrötchen are simply part of us.