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As an online shop, we stand for high-quality patchwork and quilting products. The heart of our range are fabrics that are designated by the manufacturers as patchwork fabrics – because only these meet our requirements for the quality of the cotton, the weaving and dyeing processes and the designs of the fabric patterns.

The compilation of Fabric patterns and colors is a matter close to our hearts – and because buying online is different from really feeling and looking at fabrics, we take great care with the Compilation the fabric collections – In some cases, we travel directly to wholesalers in Europe to purchase fabrics – such as for our Beloved Fabrics boxes – to put together yourself!

Lari… what?

Why are we called Laridae (pronounced laridah)? That’s actually quite simple: Laridae are the so-called gull relatives, which of course also include the gulls themselves.

You can find us in Schleswig-Holstein – and even if there are seagulls almost everywhere in the world, we simply claim without proof that we are the German state with the most of these acrobats. Seagulls are cheeky and stubborn and always very active – just like our Claudia, owner of the Laridae quilting shop.

Claudia is a creative all-rounder, studied fashion design, works in her own agency as a communication designer and spends every free minute scurrying around with fabric, needle and thread.

Laridae – die Mövenvögel
Claudia Itzwerth

It’s me, Claudia

Good Morning!

I’m a real North German brat and a happy Moin Moin is almost always enough to greet me. Feel free to give us a call if you have a question, you will be greeted in the same way.

I love all kinds of sewing projects, but my heart is in design and sometimes I even make a pattern out of a quilt I design – I hope to explore this aspect further in the future and it’s a dream of mine to do it after my apprenticeship in the Patchworkgilde Germany to give creative courses.

Sometimes I can deal with the interplay of colors and shapes for months – cutting, sewing the individual blocks, creating the quilt sandwich and finally the quilting itself then usually go much faster.

I’ve had my own sewing machine since I was 13 years old because I “broke” my mother’s old pedal machine (with a flywheel!). She then bought a large modern machine and treated me to a small beginner’s model. I even sewed with it until the end of my studies.

By the way, up until my 20s: no party weekend without a self-sewn outfit! I then studied fashion design in Hamburg, but started working as a communication designer in a publishing house right after my studies.

Patchworkstoffe auswählen

For me, patchwork and quilting are the perfect symbiosis of graphic design and sewing, so it’s not surprising that I fell for the most beautiful hobby in the world. And because I am – just like the seagulls – a good (fabric) hunter and was often asked about my fabric combinations, I opened the Laridae quilting shop in November 2020. It’s simply endless fun every day to deal with excellent fabrics and high-quality accessories and hatch what you want to add to the range next.

If you want to see what I’m up to, take a look at our gallery.

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