Patchwork Guild Sew-along 2021

Patchwork Guild Sew-along 2021

Would you like a sew-along, BOM, BOW, mystery quilt, bee or swap? Those who love patchwork and quilting usually like to sew together with others to exchange ideas, get answers to questions or simply show their works. In addition, it is incredibly exciting to see the pattern in many variations, because no quilt is like the other! And it’s a great side effect that you meet a lot of quilters. Some contacts last for many years.

Here you go directly to the gallery with all the blocks that Claudia sewed.

Which participatory campaign is right for you?

First, I would like to briefly explain the differences between the individual hands-on activities, whereby most of them have several terms:

  • Sew-along : Here you sew a quilt together with the other participants over a certain period of time according to a predetermined pattern. The duration of the sew-along usually results from the number of blocks or work steps. A sew-along is moderated by one or more people
  • BOM is the abbreviation for “Block of the Month”: a new block is sewn every month. It doesn’t necessarily have to result in a complete quilt – it’s often about trying out different techniques
  • BOW is the abbreviation for Block of the Week (German: Block der Woche): every week on a fixed day there is a new block. The running time of a BOW is usually shorter due to the timing
  • Mystery quilt (English: secret quilt): here you don’t know beforehand what you’re going to sew. In a predetermined period of time, instructions z. B. published for a single block or a row
  • Bee (German: Biene): ideally 12 quilters come together here. Each is the queen once a year for a fixed month and allocates a task to her busy bees in the form of a block. To do this, she sends each participant instructions for a block and the associated fabrics. In this way, 12 different quilts are created.
  • Swap (German: Tausch): before the start of a swap you have to register bindingly, because you sew for your swap partner! There is a fixed framework, which usually includes a few selected criteria, in addition to the date of completion e.g. B. Terms like “Christmas”, “mini quilt”, “pouch” etc. Although you know who you are sewing for, you are not allowed to say it – the big surprise comes at the end!

About the Patchwork Guild Sew-along 2021

The decision about the sew-along in 2021 was made by all members of the patchwork guild by vote and this time the choice fell on the LIZZY ALBRIGHT QUILT by Ricky Tims and Kat Bowser, a sampler quilt from the 1930s. Behind it is a loving fantasy story about the girl Lizzy.

Patchwork Guild Sew-along
Here you can see the original quilt top by Ricky Tims

All information about the Lizzy Albright quilt:

  • Start: Friday, January 8, 2021
  • 42 blocks
  • Finished size: approx. 81 x 90 inches (202 x 227 cm)
  • Production in inches
  • book in english

Here is the teaser for all participants to download: Image for Instagram and Facebook

Is the LIZZY ALBRIGHT quilt for me?

I also took part in the vote in autumn – and didn’t choose this sampler quilt! First of all, sampler quilts, i.e. quilts made of different blocks, are not my favorites, because I like modern designs and here you will find the classics rather than a hodgepodge. Secondly, I often run out of breath during hands-on activities – at first I’m enthusiastic about it, but at the latest when I’m sewing blocks in appliqué technology or piecing animals I’m out! So I already know that I often have to motivate myself. So why am I participating? Quite simply: I like to set myself tasks that challenge me! Too often one thinks: “I already know that!” or “I don’t care!” But whenever you try something new, good things come out of it. And there is this sampler quilt with its many techniques and great skill builder!

Which patchwork fabrics did I choose?

In order to sweeten my sew-along and to challenge myself, I decided to implement these classic blocks with modern fabrics. For this I chose the current fabric collection “Quotation” from Zen Chic by Moda. I would like to try to give this traditional quilt something new – will I succeed?

Patchwork Guild Sew-along 2021
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So it starts on January 8th, 2021! You can find my sewn blocks in our gallery and on Instagram and Facebook .