Moda Bella Solids – Differences of the 4 most important shades of white

Moda Bella Solids - Differences of the 4 most important shades of white

Of course we know that white is not always white. Well-known manufacturers of wall paints, foils, upholstery fabrics, product packaging and of course patchwork fabrics and yarns often have over 30 different shades of white in their range. For the human eye, white is created by the reflection of light, so that all three cones of the retina are stimulated in the same way. And if one of the three cones is stimulated in a slightly different way, the result is white with a blue, red or yellow tinge.

Kisch flower in spring - different shades of white
Cherry blossoms in spring symbolize the awakening of nature. Already knew? White flowers in particular often have a particularly strong scent.

The meaning of white

White has a rather positive meaning in our culture and stands for space, peace, open-mindedness, purity, innocence and cleanliness. White has been one of the trend colors in the last decade, for example in the automotive industry and in the home. When it comes to clothing, white is a luxury color because you don’t work when you’re dressed in white.

Patchwork white

The “right” white in the patchwork is extremely important for the overall appearance of a quilt. If the plain or solid is rather yellowish, the design of the quilt looks natural. If the white has a bluish cast, this results in a modern, cool look. A reddish white, on the other hand, is formally a very light pink and looks warm and loving. With the choice of our white patchwork fabrics we have the great opportunity to give the quilt a direction. We have several white and natural tones in our Moda Bella Solids range. It’s not always easy to choose the right white from photos on the Internet, but our overview of the lightest shades of white might help.

Moda Bella Solids whites - the bestsellers
The four bestsellers of white Moda Bella Solids

Well, the picture I designed especially for our shop does not reproduce the fine nuances 100%, but at least you can see quite well to what extent the individual four nuances differ in brightness or saturation.

Our Moda Bella Solids shades of white

  • 9900-98 White Bleached Moda’s purest and brightest white
  • 9900-97 Bleached White PFD This shade is between 9900-98 and 9900-200, but is much closer to 9900-200
  • 9900-200 Off White This shade is a completely natural white and neutral, neither cold nor warm, making it almost universal when you have no other alternative
  • 9900-182 Porcelain This white is wonderfully warm and can e.g. B. soften cold blue, gray and green tones a little

I will be happy to help you choose the right white and include samples with your order, just write or call me.